Active@ File Recovery BMP documentation

The concept of file signatures recovery

If the data loss was caused due to a total file system failure, even the best file recovery programs can only recover the files by signature. Signatures recognition is possible to call Last Chance data recovery. These programs scan the whole disk's surface, using algorithms to determine the beginning of the file (specific signature), its size and file extension without relying on data that used to be contained in the file system. This works for only un-fragmented files (stored on the disk as a continuous set of file data clusters) which means that large files have less chances to be recovered, however this approach works fine in most cases for the Photos, Documents, Music, eBooks, Archives...

Signatures Specifications & Recovery Examples:

Photos & Images Formats

Music & Audio Files

Video & Animation Files

Microsoft Office Files & Documents

Compressed Archives

Adobe Files

Electronic Books Files

Camera Raw Image Files

Formatted Text Files

Miscellaneous Formats