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Partition Table

System ID Field

Starting and Ending Head, Sector, and Cylinder Fields

Relative Sectors and Number of Sectors Fields

Logical Drives and Extended Partitions

Relative Sectors and Number of Sectors Fields

For primary partitions, the Relative Sectors field represents the offset from the beginning of the disk to the beginning of the partition, counted by sectors.

The Number of Sectors field represents the total number of sectors in the partition. For a description of these fields in extended partitions, see the section Logical Drives and Extended Partitions.

Windows NT uses these fields to access all partitions.

When you format a partition in Windows NT, data is put into the Starting and Ending Cylinder, Head, and Sector fields for backwards compatibility with MS-DOS and Windows 95.

This is done to maintain compatibility with BIOS interrupt (INT) 13 for startup purposes.

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