Active@ File Recovery and Damaged Partition

Partition Boot Sector is damaged

The Partition Boot Sector contains information which the file system uses to access the volume. On personal computers the Master Boot Record uses the Partition Boot Sector on the system partition to load the operating system kernel files. The Partition Boot Sector is the first sector of the Partition.

The first NTFS partition here has the following boot sector:


The sample is formatted in three sections:

This block contains such essential parameters as:

This sector is so important on NTFS that a duplicate of the boot sector is located on the disk.

Something that says that fat 12 / 16 has no copy of boot sector, but fat32 / exfat does.

What will happen if the Partition Boot Sector is damaged or bad/unreadable?

Several lines of zeros are written to the Partition Boot Sector:


When trying to boot, and error message like "Non System Disk" or "Disk Error.." will appear. After a failed load attempt, loading from a floppy will also make the partition unbootable.

Because a normally functioning system relies on the boot sector to access a volume, it is highly recommended that you run disk-scanning tools such as Chkdsk regularly, as well as back up all of your data files to protect against data loss in case you lose access to the volume.

Tools like Active@ Partition Recovery and Active@ UNERASER allow you to create backup of a MBR, a Partition Table and Volume Boot Sectors so that if, for some reason, the system fails to boot, partition information can be restored and have access to files/folders on that partition again.

What to do if this sector is damaged?

How can an NTFS boot sector be fixed using standard Windows NT/2000/XP tools?

On NTFS, a copy of the boot sector is stored at the middle or at the end of the Volume.

Boot from a startup floppy disk(s) or CD-ROM, choose the repair option during setup, and run Recovery Console. When you are logged on, run the FIXBOOT command to try to fix the boot sector.

How can recovery software help you in this situation?