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FAT Partition Boot Sector

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FAT Partition Boot Sector

The Partition Boot Sector contains information that the file system uses to access the volume.

On x86-based computers, the Master Boot Record use the Partition Boot Sector on the system partition to load the operating system kernel files.

The next table describes the fields in the Partition Boot Sector for a volume formatted with the FAT file system.

Byte Offset Field Length Sample Value Meaning
00 3 bytes EB 3C 90 Jump instruction
03 8 bytes MSDOS5.0 OEM Name in text
0B 25 bytes BIOS Parameter Block
24 26 bytes Extended BIOS Parameter Block
3E 448 bytes Bootstrap code
1FE 2 bytes 0x55AA End of sector marker

See also BIOS Parameter Block and Extended BIOS Parameter Block Fields

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