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Does your product work over network protocols, such as iSCSI?

Yes, our products are compatible with sector-level accessible devices if the device is properly connected and visible in the Disk Management Panel like a standard disk. They appear similar to a normal disk and can be treated as such with our software.

This is how this would work with iSCSI:

  1. iSCSI primary terms are Target (Volume location) and LUN (volume unique number). One Target can contain several volumes, identified by LUN.
  2. iSCSI Target must be configured somewhere on the network server (Linux/Unix/Windows), this is example how it looks on Linux
    • a) Volumes Creation:

      Volumes Creation

    • b) iSCSI Volumes displayed, each of two Targets contains two volumes (LUN):

      iSCSI Volumes displayed

  3. To access iSCSI volumes over the Network, go to Control Panel and launch iSCSI Initiator

    iSCSI Initiator

    In properties type IP address:, click Quick Connect. and Connect one (or both) targets:

    Quick Connect

    Target Status becomes Connected:

    Target Status becomes Connected

  4. To access connected volumes, go to Computer Management > Disk Management, you'll see new disks attached, if they are not initialized, you can initialize them:

    new disks attached

    Here you can format & assign letter to them:

    Here you can format & assign letter to them
  5. After initialization you can access them in regular way in Windows Explorer & our software, like File Recovery or KillDisk:

    Windows Explorer and File Recovery software

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