Active@ File Recovery for Windows

Preview Files before Recovery

How can I be sure that I recover files from a proper partition? Can I preview file contents before recovery?

After scanning disk's surface, recovery software usually detects one or more existing, deleted or damaged volumes. These partitions can be overlapping (on top of each other), can be different sizes, can have different parameters, like file system or cluster size. You need to inspect results and select a proper partition to recover files from.


Run SuperScan, and wait until it detects one or more existing, damaged or deleted volumes:

SuperScan detected several existing, damaged or deleted volumes


Inspect every volume, starting from the top one (partitions are sorted top to bottom by recoverability and integrity status, and the top ones have better chances to be recoverable). If you see your files, double-click them (or click Preview toolbar button) to preview the file contents:

Files can be previewed on each volume after SuperScan detected volumes


Some partitions will contain "garbage", (unreadable characters) instead of filenames, and when you try to preview file contents, you'll also see "garbage" in Preview mode:

After SuperScan detected several volumes - 
inspection needed to define a proper partition to be recovered from